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" In the past 40 years I have realized one thing - It's never easy. Things never go the way we want them to but a true leader is one who still finds a way to get to his goal. Being in an industry is challenging but there is nothing sweeter than glory itself .

 Take a starting point, work your way around it, nothing is impossible, its all in the state of mind.One should use the eternal gift of god that is the heart and the mind. The combination of these two helps you to believe in yourself and take yourself to new heights.It is the very same fact that has brought us to where we are today.

Since the inception of this company in 1977, we have been manufacturing high quality products to serve the needs of our clients. That is our priority . That has brought us where we are today, it's the hardwork and dedication of my entire staff, ex and current, who are truly the pillars of this organization. "

Harish Chowdhary
Eppeltone Engineers Pvt Ltd.

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Our Factory
Our Factory